Sunday, September 19, 2010

Some Notes on Case Studies Slides

"Hey where's all my case study slides??!!??" you ask.

Chill, they're still here on the blogsphere. It's just that, as requested by our beloved Dr Mardziah, for easier search, they've all been moved here: International Case Studies. (oh indeed the blog looks cleaner too with the tabs!)

"hey but what about the entries that I did?? I didn't sleep all nights doing it okay!!"

Oh-kay, relax. They're still here as well. Only, they've been saved as draft. If you go to "Edit Posts" you'll be able to see them. :D

One more thing to note - Scribd has been really slow, and did not work too well with some slides, so some of us uploaded on Google Docs instead. And yes, Google Docs seems to do more justice to our presentations - it's faster. Only, if when you upload the slides, most of the times the slides will turn white.

If that happens, what you want to do is, you download the slides, and voila, they will come out right! :)

If you wish to upload the uneditable version, simply save your presentations as Power Point Show (they will come out as **.ppsx / **.pps).

p.s.: welcome back to skool!! **yawn** ^_^


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