Friday, October 8, 2010


Nowadays, having any one of the social network account is something compulsory to each people.Even a kids of 9 years old also has their own facebook.Well.. we cant stop them from having a facebook because they are growing in the new world.A world that full of facilities,full of fun,a world that provide everything to them to access anything they want such as internet and also a world full of think by your own..:)We also can't stop them because maby their friends has a facebook and they also want to have their own facebook . .lets them..explore the world...

Having a social network account allow us to communicate with each other, update our profile to be notifying by our friends, sharing something to another person and one of the way to reduce the stress.Having a facebook for instance provide us not only a space to communicate and sharing but also to doing business such as promoting our product. Facebook also be a medium of our society to unite and our Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razak also using it to receive any problem or complaint from people.Facebook do provide a games to the subscriber whereby they can play the games to having fun and reducing the stress. This is one of the attraction of facebook to the children and teenagers.

What I want to share here is actually about what type of social network account that you it owned by our Malaysian or by any one else that just trying to take advantage on us?By having all our information and secret then use it to attack us..?Most of the people didn't care about this.As long as it can fulfill their need and make them happy..thats enough..Many of us also know that a facebook it's an excellent created by a American-jew and they are is our most enemies till the end. They are doing their best to hurt feelings of Muslims in any possible way. From last few years European Christians are publishing Insulting Cartoons of our Beloved Holy Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him). They had also created many pages and groups against Muslims and Islam with insulting names. These have been reported to the Administrators of facebook, but they are not interested to delete those pages and warn those people who are spreading hatred.We actually realizing this matter and intended to boycott it,but its too hard to do it because a lot of our friends using it and it is a medium for us to keep in touch with each other and being united together.So, we ignore to delete the account,and at the same time ignore to boycott jews.For your information,every single account of facebook will contribute $5 to jews..think about it..we give them a lot and a lots of profits...just imagine..

Like a people say, to make changes is too hard, but its not impossible.Basically its depend to ourself.Changes only can be happen if we want it,we do it and not just thinking it day by day and nothing to do with it.If we want the changes in our life,we must do it until we success.But if we don't, its just will stay in our memories until we ready to do it.

Now Malaysia has introduced its own social networking called and launched by Ministry of Youth and Sports about six month ago.It has been developed by local company ,Nexpert Sdn Bhd and owned by Malaysian.It just a replicate of facebook.Its function and features is almost similar with a facebook . We can chatting,playing games,give comment to other site and so on.The difference of this social network is that it provide special space to do business and called MyMarket Place which allow people to do on-line businesses.

Myfriends2u also provide a special space called MyCareer to find a job. Its usable to the graduates to find a suitable carrier for them. They can get an accurate information about their job from the company that have registered in this site.This site also not beneficial to graduates only, but also beneficial to the company as well to find the suitable candidate for their job vacancy.Its just like a bridge between the job seekers and the company. Both of them get the benefits from it.

Other than that, myfriends2u also provide blog,forum,question & answer,research,current info and so on.This site also create a special space for the students called a U Life to unite all the students of higher learning institutions from Malaysia and abroad.This can be a platform or a place whereby the Malaysian students can share any opinion,information,knowledge and experience with each other.

From the safety aspects, this site is well secured because everything that has been post to this site will be monitor by Nextpert Sdn Bhd to avoid any sensitive issues,politics and religion to be wrongly used by the irresponsible parties.For me ,this site provide alternative and substitutes to user especially Malaysian.You can choose myfriends2u as your social network..or having both account myfriends2u and facebook at the same time. The important thing about this site is that, it is our Malaysian products!and develop by our Malaysian! ..I suggest you to register for this site now and you may evaluate it by yourself..The choice is in your hand....:)

Prepared by : Norlela bt Abas 2009718319


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