Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Did u ever heard about virtual Malaysia?
The words virtual make me curious to know what actually Virtual Malaysia is all about...So without delayed the time,I’m start searching information pertaining to Virtual Malaysia...Actually before searching those information, I got headache because at first I don’t know what topic or issue i want a pick to be discussed here...Now,everything will be fine after I red about Virtual Malaysia ...At that time,I felt very thankful to Allah because finally I got the topic to share with you...=) oopppsss too excited maybe....

What is Virtual Malaysia???
Virtual Malaysia is actually the Official E-Tourism Portal for the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia. As Malaysia's leading travel website, they are the authentic source of what every traveller needs to know about Malaysia. The site is packed with new discoveries, charming places to stay, information on local heritage, culture, arts, shopping, and off-beaten-track spots...

This website is strongly supported with its three important segments such as Information Gateway, Technology Platform and E-marketplace for B2B and B2C, VirtualMalaysia.Com continuously stands tall among other international portals to place Malaysia in the global arena.The information was valuable to me because it’s related to what we have learnt in our subject “Management Information System”....I’m very sure you all also agree with me right?....hehe

Furthermore, over the years, Virtual Malaysia has represented some of the country’s best editorial photography, video and print productions. Their stunning photos, videos, magazines and coffee table books have established them as the premier outdoor adventure and travel photography source....

Did u know that, now Virtual Malaysia comes preloaded on Nokia N8???

For your information, on 25th June 2010, Virtual Malaysia has collaborated with Nokia to provide a mobile travel guide application on the Nokia N8, which is the first Nokia device to support the WebTV technology.

The Virtual Malaysia Destination Guide is a cool way to plan your travel in Malaysia.
Want to know the best spots in Malaysia to go bird watching? Looking for the coolest theme parks with the most thrilling rides? Wondering where you can experience living in a water village homestay? All these and more are available at your finger tips with this nifty mobile application....everything is possible what are you waiting for?lets switch to Nokia N8 to try and enjoy this application...(if you have extra money of course you can buy this mobile phone... otherwise u can go to the website to enjoy the application)...=P

Other than that, Virtual Malaysia's Destination Guide offers stunning photo and video galleries, accommodation listings, a plethora of local places of attraction, how to get to those places and more. You can also get updated on local happenings and the latest travel news. Commercial offers like travel packages are also available in the guide.

With Virtual Malaysia it is like having your own personal travel guide in your pocket. Something interesting to know about Virtual Malaysia is they provides the latest interactive destination and travel information via Standard Online Tourism Architecture (SOTA) technology while the travel packages listed in the widget are powered by the SOTA platform. This enables travellers to plan their travel and book valuefor money travel packages on the go right from their Nokia mobile phones.

So it’s very easy right now for the foreigner to visit Malaysia as compared to the previous era which is tourists need to buy or use manual Malaysia Map to visit Malaysia...As Malay sound,,(zaman dah berubah,semuanya mudah)....

Another important factor,,WebTV is easily accessible via the home screen of the Nokia N8. Because the mini view on the home screen is updated and refreshed every 15 minutes to a few hours, consumers can be sure that they have the latest content on their beloved mobile. The Nokia N8 which comes preloaded with Virtual Malaysia's Destination Guide available in select markets during the third quarter of 2010....





Monday, August 2, 2010

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