Sunday, October 31, 2010

Negative Impact of Online & Video Gaming

Assalamualaikum…. May all of us being blessed by Allah.
I would like to share with all of you about the negative impacts of online or video games that can easily been accessed and I am sure that all of us had tried any of it before. For example The Sims, Diner Dash and Facebook also do provide online games such as FarmVille, Fishville & Mafia Wars.

Online or video gaming has emerged as a popular and successful source of entertainment and play for people of all ages with different background, from students, housewife, husbands, mothers, officers and many more. It refers to the games that are played over some forms of computer network, typically on the internet. These games are played online, in which you can connect with multiple players. It is normally platform independent, relying on the web browser and appropriate plug-in.

It is one of the best inventions that are made ever by human beings. It has the ability to link players together. It has been one of the most popular activities in entertaining for younger people. Because of this, almost everybody is into it. It is fantastic characteristic makes a lot of players become hook on it. It provides entertainment and at the same time, online socialization with different kind of people. But sometimes, it causes negative effects. It has two kinds of impacts: the good and bad. It depends on the player itself.

Studies show that online or video gaming is a major source of addiction. Because of its ability to link multi-players together, most of the players become hooked on it. They keep on playing and playing because it gives them thrill until it becomes an addiction. There is also an issue of wife or mother did not cooked for her family because of too addicted playing FarmVille on Facebook.

Moreover, most of the bad effects of these games are blamed on the violence they contain.  Children who play more violent online or video games are more likely to have increased aggressive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and decreased pro-social helping, according to a scientific study (Anderson & Bushman, 2001).  The effect of this type of games violence in kids is worsened by the games’ interactive nature.  In many games, kids are rewarded for being more violent. The act of violence is done repeatedly.  The child is in control of the violence and experiences the violence in his own eyes (killings, kicking, stabbing and shooting).  This active participation, repetition and reward are effective tools for learning behavior.  Indeed, many studies seem to indicate that violent video games may be related to aggressive behavior (Anderson & Dill, 2000; Gentile, Lynch & Walsh, 2004).

Furthermore, academic and work achievement may be negatively related to over-all time spent playing those games. Studies have shown that the more time a kid spends playing video games, the poorer is his performance in school (Anderson & Dill, 2000; Gentile, Lynch & Walsh, 2004).

There are many other negative impacts caused by online and video games so, we must be able to control ourselves and not let the games control us or we might end up be part of the games.



Maizura Bt Alias (Mai Alias)


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  2. I do agree with all the points you have mentioned in this article about negative impacts of video games. But it is also true that video games do offer several benefits to child's development. It depends on us how we are using it.
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