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The Smartphone's Coup Others Product and It Technology Because of Information Technology

The Smartphone's Coup Others Product and It Technology Because of Information Technology

Smartphone’s and element of Smartphone may be thought of as handheld computers integrated within a mobile telephone, but while most feature or element of the phones are able to run applications based on platforms such as Java ME, a smart phone allows the user to install and run more advanced applications based on a specific platform. The one thing certain about technology is that something better is always on the horizon alike a Smartphone’s. Some technologies, such as the landline telephone, evolve. Others, like the telex machine, just go away. The issue here, whether old tech never fades away or it just dies?

Before we look into a deep of how the Smartphone’s plays it game changers, we observe firsts the others product or technologies are alive and kicking but some people wish were dead. Some example here such as Point and shoot digital cameras Smartphone’s are having an effect on the point and shoot market as greater numbers of people leave the camera at home in favor of posting quickly to the Internet or e-mailing a photo to friends. Jordan Selburn, an iSuppli analyst, says “the low end camera market is already getting squeezed”. Some claim that point and shoot cameras are already obsolete, but the optics on Smartphone’s just aren’t there yet. There’s no question that a lot of people are just happier using their phone.

The second product such as Consumer Video Cameras, Smartphone’s are rapidly eating into the Consumer Video Camera market on one side, while SLR cameras with HD capability are slicing off the other side. The main mechanical question that remains is optics. Phones are still stuck on digital zooms and tiny lenses. Battery power is also a problem. We can almost see people buying these devices for no other reason than carrying a spare battery. But as battery power and storage capabilities get better for phones, owning a Smartphone with HD video and, say, a digital and video will be not practical now days.

The third product we look at personal digital assistants (PDAs) which are already dead. If we compared to the Smartphone advance technology it has a lot of function and application, the PDAs just an organizer even if you had it, you still needed a computer to send an email or use community site such as Facebook and a phone to make a phone call. Don’t even try using the Internet on PDAs it’s a terrible experience. While using Smartphone we are able to use both the internet and make a phone call.

Variety of Application In Smartphone

Indeed, Smartphone’s could change the items we put in our pockets before work such as keys, money, and credit cards. And many single use devices that have revolutionized life in the last few decades are bound for the landfill due to Smartphone’s such as MP3 players, cameras, PDAs, dash mounted GPS systems. It was answer the issue where by the old technologies with single function will die and fades.

Now after we observe the above three product and it technology we will think how do we ensure that the new systems or technology we are buying won't be outdated within months of installation? The reality and fact here all the technologies are depend on a variety of factor and environment. As we know in this decade Information Technology gives a huge consequence toward the product and it technology. From the current vantage point, it appears the smartphone is one of the game changers after community or people now emphasize on Information Technology (IT) which Smartphone help people function better and able to provide all application in IT such social community network Facebook, Yahoo Messenger, Email, YouTube, Wikipedia and etc.

Looking ahead, more game changers are in store, though when we look too far ahead it's hard to see beyond the peak of inflated expectations. Nearing those heights are technologies at least five years out, including 3D printing, mobile robots, and a wide variety of "human augmentation" techniques to help people function better. For the time being, we'll stay away from predictions on those fronts with follows by many old product and technologies will dying due to the Information Technologies Improvement.

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