Monday, November 1, 2010

The Dark Side of Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking websites that design for good purposes such as Add Imagebringing together lost friends, facilitate community and spreading good taught or views. However, the increasing numbers of on-line criminals such as bullying, sex assault and even murder in the western countries are worrying therefore it is important to know and understand what are the threats or the dark side of Facebook so that we can prepare and take necessary actions to protect ourselves, families and children from the criminals.

Facebook is your’s resume

According to the Kluemper D.H. and Rosen P.A. (2009) research studied shows that employers have begun to used social networking web sites as a source of applicants’ data in an effort to improve hiring decisions. Therefore, Facebook is our resume that shows our personal profile that what we really are? and Who is our friends? .Therefore it is important to manage our facebook properly such as do not put inappropriate pictures or used rude languages in our chats. Although, we might have a good qualification stated in the resume but our facebook shows our inappropriate attitude that could jeopardize our opportunity to get the jobs.

Even though, in Malaysia they do not yet practices this recruitment process but whose knows in the future they will used facebook as another criteria to evaluate their potential candidates. Facebook can also effect to our career development if we are working such as case happens to a teacher who had effect to his career when she was found holding a beer can on her facebook page in one of her pictures. Therefore, we should remember that what you post online is not private anymore people may go on-line to find out things about you from your profile and they would judge on you.

Posted pictures can't take back

Once you upload your picture in facebook it is difficult to deleted permanently because all the data would be transferred to the main servers at US or others countries which is impossible to deleted permanently and furthermore maybe one of our friends “save as” our embarrassing pictures that whose know when 10 years after that when we posses high ranking position and they maybe jealous and release our embarrassing picture in the cyber space to destroy our images. This happens, to our local artist that their naked pictures were release again after 10 years.

In fact the way you took the picture also should be aware because normally girls like to shows their cute picture in their Facebook with a daring posed… this pictures can be took by the hackers and put them into their database without your noticed such as website Of course it is embarrassed to see yours pictures put together with the immoral web sites.

Personal information exploited

Normally people puts all their personal information in the Facebook such as home address, phone numbers, school names and also posting your plan or activities which is always could be exploited for the negative reasons. The more information bad people know about you the easier it is for them to take advantage of you. For example they will form relationship online and then convince you to meets them in person, this is what happens to the one man in Bandar Tun Razak (Harian Metro 7/10/10) when his been trapped by his online girlfriends when she want to meet him personally then suddenly 50 man attack came out and attack him without any reasons.

Some people like to share every things happens to their daily life such as posted I’m going holidays or vacations and some kids they put I’m home alone… boring or my parents working today. This statements is very dangerous because predators could used this information to enter your empty house or attack you if you alone. In fact, there is a websites that collected statements such as not at home, going holidays, I’m alone in their database and sells this information to the online criminals.

Identity theft could also happens when they used our personal information and created new account to manipulated your friends for bad things for example this happens to the one singer girl when his had attack by stranger man in the streets because she had fake account facebook used his name to do online sex relationship with other man. Therefore, be careful and do not release all your personal information that could put you at risk of victimization.

Virus and Trojan target Facebook

Nowadays hackers also used virus and Trojan that are target to Facebook users that could harm your application systems and also to steal banking passwords and gather other sensitive information. For example they will emails and tell recipients that the passwords on their Facebook account have been reset, urging them to click on an attachment to obtain new login credentials but if they opened the attachment it would downloads several types of malicious software, including a program that steals passwords.


As for conclusion to stay secure in facebook we should not post information that would make you vulnerable, be careful what you publish, used privacy control to limit access, do not permit children under 13 years facebook, parents should supervise and communicate to their children of what do's and dont's in the Facebook. "Preventive is better than cure" and "self regulation" is the best law to protect ourselves, on that notes I end my words.

Thank you...

The Dark side of Facebook


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prepared by Mohd. Alamin B. Rehan (2009208276)

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