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I have a phone that has served me for years. When I bought it, it only cost me RM700 which considered affordable to my dad (as my banker..=p). It called Nokia 6120 Classic and now, it is really meant “classic” to me. I am not a gadget person, I only buy phone when my phone cannot be used anymore. My previous phone was more technological to me than this one. I buy this model because as my previous phone was full of applications but I did not used it all. So at that time, I think it is better to buy a phone that suite my need. But now, I think it is time for me to ask for a new phone and why I said so??

This is how my phone looks like right now. I went to the phone shops to buy the new keypad, however they told me that I have to change the casing as well as the phone design is like that, means that I have to incur extra costs. I don’t know where I get the idea, and where the rationale but for me its better changed to a new phone than changing the casing. Besides, nowadays my needs are more than what it can offer me. I give lots of excuses and finding all sorts of weaknesses to my dad in order for me to get the new technology phone. Plus, I cannot surf the facebook which very important to me to catch up something new. Hehe.. In addition my dad also wouldn’t know because he is old man that not familiar with the phone applications. So I start to do some research on new phone model. Meanwhile, in order to put back the keypad numbers…..jeng..jeng…I use sellotape to paste it together (with the help of AYU). Well….how genius and creative the generation Y..wink..wink..

I-phone 4 was launched in Malaysia by Maxis a few days ago which make me feel like I am in love in a first sight. How great it is if I can have the white model but currently it is not available in Malaysia market yet. Hurm…the design is so smart and for a simple girl like me, I love to own an i-phone which for me it represents a smartphone, slim and intelligent. There are 4 major offerings that presented by the apple.

A facetime call is an upgrade from the 3Gs iphone where they allowed a video call. This is so interesting where even we’re not meet face to face, but we can see each other by using the facetime call. Besides, if we are on voice call with our friends and decided to convert to video call, we do not have to stop and call back as we can convert directly to a video call and continue the conversation. As simple as that..=> With the two build in camera we can share the same view that we seen with other people on the line. Means we share the same moment even we are far apart. Suitable for me and my boy, hardly to meet..=p

By having the Retina Display, we can see the text more sharply. As the Retina display’s pixel density is so high, everything is crisp at any sizes. The resulting pixel density of iPhone 4 — 326 pixels per inch — makes text and graphics look smooth and continuous at any size. Besides that, the iphone 4 also used the IPS technology (in-plane switching) that allows a wider viewing angle. Hence it benefits us for photos sharing and playing games. One more that interest me is the retina displays can offer four times contrast ratio than the iphone 3Gs; means that more beautiful picture as white become brighter and blacks are darker. As I’m a person who loves to look beautiful in picture; or in a word photogenic (sometimes only) ahakss..

Besides that, iphone 4 also offer a multitasking phone where the users can do many activities at one time. The multitasking user interface allows us to quickly switch between recently used apps and we do not have to wait for it to upload which most of us is facing with our current phone. It can prevent the annoying feelings every time we used our phone. As for a short term memory, and careless, slow person like me, it will be very useful when I could have an Application that can remember where i left off. So when i return back to the app, I can straightly go to whatever I was doing. Besides that, by having the multitasking users are allow to have the voice calls over the internet as provided by the third party such Skype. I can receive these Skype or VoIP calls while other apps are running, even when my iPhone is locked. Even during a call, i can keep the conversation going while switching to another task, such as checking a movie listing as Fizi always unplanned for our movie premier..=p It also will update my position, it will give me directions even when I listen to music as the music volume will lowers automatically when the directions is spoken. So if I have the iphone 4, I do not have to cry and seek for Weda’s help anymore every time I got loss in KL road. Weda will be free from me..hihi So Weda, wish me luck okay..

On the other hand, iPhone 4 also offer HD video recording where the camera can shoots gorgeous 5-megapixel photos and stunning HD video. I can always record, edit, and share every beautiful that I capture. The advanced backside illumination sensor, allow the camera to capture beautiful images even in low-light settings. That is how the built-in LED flash work, it does double duty. When I am taking pictures, it works as a flash and whenever i am shooting video it can stay on to light up the scene. I do not have to transfer it in the computer to do the editing, as I can directly edit it on the camera application in my future iphone 4…amin. With iMovie on iPhone 4, I can turn my video clips on my holiday into a finished movie or video postcard and share with all of you. When I record a video and decide to focus on a certain image, all I have to do is only tap to the image and the camera will do the rest.

There are many more advantages that we can get from the new iphone 4, and what I share with all of you here is just the overview. Because if I’m going to write every single thing about iphone 4, it is going to take me many pages and makes all of you bored soon. For further information, you guys can visit There are options now to own the iphone 4. Maxis provide four packages for the customers to give them opportunity to own the new iphone 4. But its going to be installment for few months. As for me, I prefer to buy goods in cash as I do not like to be haunted by debt. So pr

ay for me and wish me luck… Still in negotiating with MrZainal Abidin, and hoping for the best decision. I also would like to be one of the technology alert..=>

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