Sunday, October 31, 2010


Nowadays, GPS satellite system (Global Positioning System) is one of important technology that we all know and needs. Mostly when we talk about GPS people will talk about map or route. Currently, in Malaysia GPS satellite system is still new to our people. Only few past year ago that we know about the existence of GPS satellite system. From the research done, GPS satellite system was exist about 20 years ago when the first satellite launched by the United States. As we can see today, people use GPS satellite system to find direction whether use the mobile phones or the GPS navigation system such as Garmin or Papago that is currently sell in our market. Some of the weaknesses of GPS was it could not navigate us when we stay in the building or at the enclose spaces. But do you know that sometimes even we stay in an open place, our GPS navigation may not give us the right direction. How can this be happen? The answer for that GPS satellite system was at the maturity stage or decline stage.
From the report last year, the government of the United States said that the worldwide network of satellites that constitute the Global Positioning System (GPS) might be fail by the year 2010. This system might be failed because of mismanagement and a lack of investment. The first satellite that was supposed to replace the 20 years old system was scheduled for launch in year 2007 but it still not be ready until now. Experts still cannot give any details on whether the satellites that are in orbit today will keep the GPS running efficiently until its replacements will be ready. A study conducted by the United States government accountability office (GAO) states that Satnav system might be fail by 2010. As a result for that, the system has already shown its side effects by showing the wrong direction to 1 in 3 motorist that stuck in unusual place or dangerous place.
This signals sent by the network of GPS are monitored by United States Air Force. Due to fact that the United State Air Force did not succeed in keeping the system up to date, it was highly criticized by the United Stated government accountability offices in one of its reports. Despite the fact that Air Force spend over $2 billion in order the system running properly, the GAO stated that the regular delays along with overspending could lead to the failure of the entire system. Furthermore, the report also said that it is uncertain whether the Air Force will be able to acquire new satellites in time to maintain current GPS without interruption.
If this GPS satellite system fail, it will bring to more complicated process and harsh consequences including problem linked with national security and defense. In terms of national security and defense, GPS satellite system play a major role in order to coordinate their army or troops. Moreover, GPS satellite system also been use to map and track enemy target. Moreover, a country such as United States and Russia use the GPS satellite system to collect valuable information such as the new weapon development or new energy places. All this information is importance to ensure their power and control over the other countries.
In addition, besides providing drivers the right direction, the GPS technology allows tracking offender’s location using electronics tagging devices. As a result, if this system fail, it will bring a major problem or negative effect not only to an individuals, groups or corporation but also the country national security and defense.


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