Saturday, September 18, 2010


HTC Desire is not only an ordinary phone. Well it is..have to admit. HTC is more than a phone. It is a smart phone. This new evolution from HTC not only functions to make a phone call, typing messages, and mms but you can also use an internet. In the simple word you can on-line wherever you are and improve you connectivity with your friends. Nowadays is all about Facebook, twitter and blog and with this new HTC desire it is possible for you to always keep updated. Ermm what more can HTC Desire do…well..It has a vivid screen, which makes it great for watching homemade YouTube™ epics - filmed with the phone's on-board camera. And of course you can watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster that you've loaded on your SD card.Awasome! In fact user also can get voice-powered, turn-by-turn directions using Google Maps™ Navigation, with street view for easy orientation at arrival. Plus, find out if any of your friends are nearby using Google Latitude. User in the simple word will be much easier to find a destination that they want to go even without tourist guide.heheh

Are you a music lover? if yes..nothing to feel regret with HTC Desire…make playlists on the go and when your Number 1 tune comes on, set it as your ringtone. Or if you want to discover new music, Android Market™ has all the latest music apps. Need to do three things at once? With 1GHz of processing power the HTC Desire is made for multitasking. Access your work email, contacts and calendar with Microsoft Exchange compatibility and view Microsoft Office docs on the go. With its high-resolution screen and fast processor, the HTC Desire is a phone that is great for gaming. Immerse yourself in a full 3D gaming experience. Play against friends over the air or play on your own when you have a bit of down time.

Here the specification that will make u say no for new HTC desire. The weight only 4.76 ounces (135 grams) with battery where the display type is touch-sensitive screen with pinch-to-zoom capability. The size is 3.7 inches with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution. The camera specification as below:

• 5 megapixel color camera
• Face detection capability
• Auto focus and flash
• Widescreen photo capture
• Geotagging

The recommended windows system requirements are Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, or Windows XP. The HTC desire also add special features which are automatically lowers the ringer volume as soon as the phone is picked up, mutes the ringer when the phone is flipped face down and backs up certain data and settings to the microSD card automatically, such as SMS/MMS messages, bookmarks, Wi-Fi™ passwords, and more

Overall, HTC desire it a new technology that everyone is looking for where it is handy, and convenience to be used by everyone. For those out there who one to have it I am pretty sure you will not regret because it leave you with much easier life. Somehow or rather there is still a few weaknesses, well this is life,nothing is perfect, According to my friend particularly when scrolling through menus and galleries, even the slightest touch would send the icons racing across the screen. At times like these we defected to the optical trackpad for more accurate control. When we used the HTC desire intensively for a long time (about 45 minutes), it did get very warm. At this point we started seeing error messages and forced closes, and the Wi-Fi connection became a little wobbly. However, after a short break it was back to its old self – it’s not clear if these issues were recurring, however, as we didn’t experience them a second time. The screen lock/activate button is housed on the top side of the handset – we’d have liked to see another of the buttons on the front of the chassis doubling as an unlock button, for the convenience of checking the time without having to pick the handset up. What really lets the handset down is its battery life – we were lucky to get one day of use out of it without charging, even with just casual use. The battery indicator wasn’t hugely reliable either, with it seemingly quite full until it suddenly ran right down to the red.HTC desire overall can fulfill your need and with the price offer range between rm1800 - rm1900 you will able to get it.Oh ya! before i forget... for further information you can log on to



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