Monday, September 20, 2010


A week before Hari Raya, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my husband and sons. shopping for raya, bought a cloths for these two little kids...and i also grab a pair of black sandal with bling2 button...hahhaha...then we walked to Apple Mac store...
Rapidly I remembered to a friend of mine during degree level who are really adore with Mac/ Apple products. But with PTPTN loan RM2500 per semester, my friend Anna is not afforded to buy Mac desktop in pink colours which costing RM3500....which considered as the most expensive desktop in a year 2002.

Talk about Mac, there a wide variety of Apple computer in the market but my hubby really adore with iPhone 4...he bought iPhone 2G in year 2000 price at RM1900 and i’m really frustrated coz he hide the new gadget from u think I’m jealous??? Sorry dear... hhahaha....if I’m not mistaken, before the 1st generation iPhone hit the market, the top selling phone was Motorola RAZR. In 2008, the iPhone and apple becoming the best selling phone. After 2 years, Apple released the iPhone 3G but both phone still missing some basic future. I will cover the differences between iPhone 2G and new iPhone 3G...
We can see there are not too many differences in term of exterior model. The screen size still same at 3.5 inch on both models which provide s for an ultra-clear 480x320 screen resolution. The rear of the original iPhone has a smooth metal finish with black strip in the bottom. The front of it has a shiny metal piece that surrounds the side of the phone and ends behind the screen. The iPhone 3G has a smooth piano black and white finish. It also has the shiny metal piece around the outside of the screen. The iPhone #G features buttons that are made from a shiny metal, excluding the outside of screen. In addition, The shape of the 3G phone is a major difference as the original iPhone is a little thicker and completely flat when set down. The 3G has more of a round feel to it that flattens out slightly around the edges. It has been said that the screen of the 3G heats to a warmer temperature than that of the original iPhone. first glance, we can’t different it! In term of features, my hubby’s iPhone 2G only supported WiFi, GSM and Bluetooth. Means speed for surfing the internets were quite limited. 3G model also supports WiFi, GSM and Bluetooth. But we can see a better experience surfing, watching YouTube videos and downloading data from the internet. The first generation iPhone supported the GSM and quad band frequencies only compared with 3G iPhone enable to support all frequencies and running at 3G speed including UMTS and HSDPA. iPhone 3G also supports GPS which not included in the original iPhone. Both phone have 2MP camera but do not feature a video recorder..Even just 2MP the quality of pics are not disappointed. The new 3G looks cool but considering the battery life and Apple must address the basic phone features are missing. How can Apple possibly ignored SMS forwarding, copy and paste SMS...felt terrible!! My hubby cant forward SMS ‘Hari Raya’ wish for his friend..He need to type the text again..and again...too tired maaa.....I wish iPhone 3G has some improvement but Apple didn’t still implement copy/paste SMS, SMS forwarding, MMS and they don’t care at all???Apple...Apple....:(

Comparing two great phones is always hard, but Apple made a great move by creating the 3G iPhone. The iPhone 2G is impressive, but with the features the 3G provides and the transition with new phones all moving to 3G, it’s a definite requirement if Apple wants to maintain its new status as the #1 selling phone in the US.

My hubby must considering a lot if he still want to buy iPhone 4. Some customer had to suffer with proximity sensor issues and horrible Bluetooth problems. Some people have antenna problems...whhoaaa....for conclusion, Apple has good marketing; products are great but not perfect .wink..wink...


  1. today iphone 4 was more 2G or 3G..hehhehe..

  2. I'm considering to buy a new phone and i-phone is listed.Thanks for the info anis..anyway i've seen your new "bling" sandals..=p

  3. So, new innovations take place everyday. That's another business model.