Saturday, September 18, 2010

Is Apple serious with Apple TV??

Apple first introduced the Apple TV in 2007 when it was originally known under the code name 'iTV'. Back then, very little information is available about the device except it was Apple's first foray into the home living room space. Is Apple getting serious with this Apple TV?? the answer is Yes!... Apple getting serious with this Apple TV because Steve Jobs had launched the new generation of Apple TV on 2nd September 2010. In today’s fall event, Apple CEO Steve Jobs showed the new Apple TV and stunned many with how small it’s really become. A little larger than his palm, the new Apple TV comes with HDMI out, Wi-Fi, and is about 75% smaller than it’s predecessor. This gadget had several cool features which is it allow consumer to use an HDTV set to view photos, play music and watch video that originates from an internet media service or a local network. It had been designed to play digital content originating from the iTunes stores, Netflick, YouTube, Flickr or any Windows computer running onto high definition widescreen definition.

There are some features that been upgrades for this gadget which is internet media, local source, supported format, connectivity, air-play, remote control, and software. in terms of internet media users can access the iTunes Store direct through Apple TV to rent movie and TV show and strean audio, and video potcast. while the first iteration of the Apple TV , could purchase content, the second generation lack a hard drive, and thus cannot store purchase content. Instead users are needed to buy content on a computer and stream it to the Apple TV. Until mid-March 2009, the Apple TV was the only way to purchased the HD iTunes contents. For local sources, user can connect the Apple TV to a computer, synchronization and streaming mode are supported. For supported format, Apple TV support the latest version of video, audio and picture codec. Apple TV can be controlled by using an Apple Remote that allowed user friendly navigation in an Ipod style interface. Therefore, browsing for all previous Ipod user become extremely easy when going to when going through your compilation list of photos, movie, TV show and music on their Apple TV. For me what what really sets Apple TV apart from Ipod is that the tini display of their Ipod screen is enlarged to a life size, much more interactive to a digital medium. Apple TV enable user to view iTunes movie thrailers and offers 30 second preview of in style of iTunes songs. Apple TV have one USB connector but ample storage space allowing us to overlook its shortage of ports. Automatic software upgrades will continously update Apple's newest creation, says Apple's creators, enabling its user to truly utilized its hardware capabilities and be able to enjoy new features through constant software development.

The new generation of Apple TV is more convinience compared to the first generation which was launched on 2007, we can see that the latest version is more versetile which is it is more lighter than the previous edition. The features of Apple TV in new generation is more update compared to the first generation this is because for the latest generation, Apple Corp had invent some new features that makes it looks sophisticated and convinience to users. Eventhough in Malaysia there have the private television station such ASTRO, Apple TV also can be our choice. It is suitable for teenagers or student who loves new gadget. It is because Apple TV also can made we rent the new movie(but it is not available in Malaysia yet). Maybe a few years from now it release it because people always complaint about ASTRO that always repeat the same movie for 3 to 4 times a day! It makes people get bored to watch the same movie every time. The price of this Apple TV in Malaysia is around RM549-RM949 which is for me its quite cheap while compared to other gadgets which is more expensive...Nowadays,school children also can afford to used I-phone and also Blackberry which cost them RM1000-2000, so ,i think everybody also can afford to buy this gadget.. With the latest software and several features which make it more interesting it makes users feel worth to have it one!so??what are you waiting for???...Go and get this while the stock last!!


Azira bt Aminallah

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