Monday, October 4, 2010

Ethical issues in information age


Today in our societies more people are more employed collecting, handling, and distributing
information than other in any occupation, same with me!!.. Before starting doing my assignment, I need to collect as much information and everyday I check my email account, surfing internet, open my face book, twitter, and reads blogs. I think all of this activity becomes habit to the society. Our society is truly an information society?? Our time is information age??

The question is before us now is whether the kind of society being created is the one we want? It is a question that should especially concern those of use in the MIS community for we in the forefront of creating this new society??

Yesterday, when I read newspaper, I got news about the decreasing is sales of Utusan Malaysia newspaper, what it become interesting to me is the decreasing of sale very big…analyst say that the decreasing of that newspaper because people move to other medium in get information, they also say because change in politic that true?? But why the sale of papers like Cosmo and metro was increasing?? Meanwhile this paper in same company…for me no comment!!.. What interesting to discuss here is society especially young generation move to reads blogs, facebook and twitter. They more choose this medium to reach information.

What I try to discuss here is if people more prefer this kind of medium, is that we can believe all the information?? Can we develop human intellectual capital??... can we protect from discussing about other people, touch about sensivity issues, and gossips?? For me it doesn’t matter how you got the information, or we write about story, issues and so on..the most important is when we revealed any information or when we find out any information we must deal with human dignity. On other hand the ethical issues is involved!! Now I want to share with you, that we need to analyze in term of what when we write or read any issues or information..

Firstly in term of privacy...we need to know what information about one’s self or one association must a person reveal to others, under what condition and with what safeguards? What things can people keep to themselves and not be forced to reveal to others..

Second is in term of accuracy, which is responsible for the authenticity, fidelity, and accuracy of information?? Similarly, who is to be held accountable for errors in information’s and how is the injured party to be made whole..

Thirdly is property of information…Who owns the that fair to other people and who should access to the resources..

Last one is accessibility… what information does a person or an organization have a right or a privilege to obtain and under what condition??
As the conclusion…what ever it is…use our sense in write and read any information. Sometimes we can’t predict the consequences of our action..Information is important, but it depends how we use the information....

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