Sunday, October 31, 2010


Ever you imagine that get the content of a small computer screen onto the living room television set?? If yes, your imagination is going to be true with Google TV. Google just announced the release of its much anticipated “Google TV,” a different approach to the home media market and being the first search engine for your TV.

This device will allow us to search and view web video on your TV without having to connect to a computer. Google TV will be incorporated into TV sets whereby Sony will launch its new HD TV’s with pre-installed Google TV and Blu-ray disk players. What makes Google TV being different with Apple TV is this device allows us for full web browsing. There are some featuresthat make Google TV awesome.

Google TV offered us with Shows' Index Pages whereby people are not met with the usual web-style list of random websites and blogs but a pulldown menu of sorted links when you enter the title of a show into the GTV search bar. This application also offer result labeled "series" which sends you into an index page with a show summary and an index of all the current episodes with links to the various sources that carry the. Another cool application of GTV is Smart Display which GTV offer us a default engine creates an index page of videos relating to almost any search

A listing of web video clips will appear matching your keyword search accompanied by thumbnails. We also can choose to do a plain ol' web search, which will bring us to the regular Google homepage. GTV as well queue as a DVR for video streams. When we land on a show index page, there's an option to "add series to queue." This will then add any new uploads of episodes of that show to a queue on the GTV home screen to let you know there's new content ready and waiting. GTV also provide the Picture in Picture application where allowed us to do anything that we like in the GTV interface and still keep a live TV image in the corner of our screen.

GTV also has TV Ready Sites which offer several sites and the most prominently is the Google-owned YouTube, have re-coded their sites to be Google GTV friendly.Eventhough Google TV offered several applications that make it as market sensation, there are still some limitations that Google TV should consider. There is an issue over Google TV is whether large numbers of people will welcome a TV experience that requires a keyboard. Some consumer studies conducted by both Apple and Yahoo claimed that people don't want a computer-like experience in the living room and this will be obstacles for Google TV.

Besides that, another limitation that faced by Google TV is that television users need to have multiple pieces of hardware attached do their HDTVs. For example,video game consoles, DVD players, satellite T.V. or cable boxes, digital converters, and video streamers. Google TV should also realize that television manufacturers already sell so-called connected TVs with limited internet ability, which in some cases is provided by a Google rival, Yahoo and such models are likely to make up a quarter of all televisions sold this year.

Created by: Siti Noor Hidayuu Bt Kamalrulzaman


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